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All I want to say is that I’m back. Back in full form, but for some reason my app won’t work and wordpress is conspiring against me. It’s like they don’t want the world to know I’m back, guys. We should stand up against them! Or not because they host my blog but it was a fun five minute thought. Also I didn’t mean to be quite so out of my mind when I wrote this, though those do generally tend to make the best posts.

I’m promising much more entertainment, maybe even tears (you know. If I cried,) as the summer goes on. I’m back in the place where I feel most like me. It should bring out some fun stuff. So the whole 3 of you who read this regularly should hang on. You’re in for a wild ride!! And if not then just do shrooms and reread this. Trust me, it will really fuck with you.

a rambling post by a once gone but has come back lady.