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Winter Wear


I’ve been gone for awhile. You would think that would give me all kinds of fun and/or funny stories. It doesn’t. I don’t have anything of interest. Not a single thing. Which probably doesn’t scream “please continue reading this post. Oh and please come back to this blog for more interesting posts about nothing. I swear, we’ll have ’em!!” Yeah. Probably doesn’t scream that at all. I don’t think it even whispers that but my life sucks a little and I need to write. So I’m going to write. And today I am going to write about people who don’t know how to dress.

I live in Maine. Northern Maine. I don’t know if you know anything about northern Maine but it snows. I know the snow hasn’t been coming as frequently this winter as in winters past but there is still some snow on the ground. Enough to make it slippery. Along with the snow it is cold. Today it was 10 degrees. Not as cold as I have seen it before but not close to being warm.

Obviously when it is 10 degrees out you should be wearing pants, a shirt, a jacket, a scarf, perhaps gloves and a hat. The point is you should be completely dressed. But today, today I see a woman wearing capris and high heels. Don’t get me started on capris. Are they pants or shorts? Shorts masquerading as pants or pants masquerading as shorts? I don’t know but they are one very confused article of clothing. If any clothing needed therapy it would be capris because they don’t know who they are.

Capris in the winter though… Well that just doesn’t make sense. you’re ankles are going to freeze off. FREEZE OFF I tell you!!! And high heels?? You are going to slip and break your neck. Which I kind of think you deserve. For wearing therapy needing cold clothing in the winter. With heels.