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If You See a Muse Please Direct Them to Me


I have lost my muse people. I. Have lost. My muse. Actually I never really had a muse instead I would just write about the random shit I would see. Like Henry the Traveling Fish but lately I haven’t seen anything interesting at all. I have seen a guy walking down the street with a case of Budweiser one day and a six pack of Sam Adams the next but that isn’t anything new around here. I don’t even know where to begin to find a muse. I did see a cute baby hippo thrashing around in the water on some video the other day but I suck so much I can’t even link it for you because I don’t know where I saw it. So my friends if you see my muse please tell her or him that I’m waiting for her or him to come back. I mean without them I’m writing shitty blog posts about a lack of muse. I would kindly like to write a decent post while I’m at work bored for four hours tomorrow so uh come home to me. Now! Or I’ll whip you. Not really I don’t believe in violence. Except that I am lying. I totally believe in violence but only for a runaway muse.