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But She Won’t Pee in Your Coffee… I Hope


Finally, with the return of summer, I am home. Away from “the city” and constant sound of sirens and drunk men. Now I hear the river, peepers, and… Drunk men. Those ass holes are everywhere. Dancin’ on the bars, shooting off fireworks in the campground, hitting on river guides… Oh wait. That was me. Just kidding. I haven’t done any of those things. Except drink. And hit on river guides. And well, I guess technically I danced on the bar but that was like 3 years ago so in the grand scheme of this post, it doesn’t really count. 


Anyway the point is, I’m home, happy, and will soon be seeing a pluthora of characters to write about which should help me get this blog back up and going. I mean, the people who come through here are just nuts. Maybe not quite as crazy as the guy at the baseball game with a fish, but probably equally as entertaining. I’m also thinking of doing a section similar to Misty’s Words of Wisdom but it will be called Shit Lillian Says. She’s one of my coworkers and you never know what will come out of her mouth. She’s nuts, but in a completely harmless and loveable kind of way, not a I’m going to get mad at you and piss in every cup of coffee you drink for the rest of the summer kind of way.


So with this short post, I’m off in search of more rificulous people and grander themes to write about. And to make sure no one has peed in my coffee because now I can’t stop thinking about that.