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Lets Wrap it Up


It’s funny, for an entire month I haven’t had a single creative thought in my head. That isn’t funny at all actually. And I still don’t but I’m writing anyway because I miss it. I miss putting words out there. Even if they are meaningless and no one reads them. They’re just out there and that is nice to know. That you have words at all.
Life. Life is busy. My entire month of August is one giant blur of the baseball ticket office, the concourse, the customers, the smell of popcorn and hotdogs and beer. I love it, I do. How can you not love it if you are a huge Red Sox fan and you get to work for their affiliate company. It’s great. Perfect. Not perfect. Nothing is perfect. But I am tired. So very very tired because all I do is work and work and work and sleep. But it seems like I can never get enough sleep to energize me from all of the work.
This weekend is our last weekend. Our last homestand and we’re done. Then I pack my bags and leave Portland for a place that I love, home. I remember when I was younger, in highschool, people would tell me “you’re going to miss this place some day. You may not believe it but you are really going to miss it.” I didn’t believe them. Not one bit but they were right and I was wrong. I hate being wrong. There is plenty I don’t miss like how run down my tiny small town is but for the most part I miss it all. I definitely have a resepct for it.
Coastal Maine is beautiful. I’ll give it that but my heart will always lay inland. There is nothing like the sound of the rushing river and the feeling of swimming in it. Like everything is completely out of your control as the water rushes over your face and skin and you just try to stay above the current but completely in your control at the same time because you know where you can swim, where it is safe, where you shouldn’t go. Don’t ever disrespect the river though, she is a real bitch and can turn on you in an instant. The river is what I miss most about home but I also miss being outside in real nature. The green on the trees, the smell of the dirt, the decomposing fallen leaves in the forest, being able to see the stars at night. I can not wait to go home.
Home also brings a wonderful pluthora of whitewater rafting companies (one of which is a completely different kind of home for me but I wont get into that) and their laid back bars. My favorite; the one that is my home away from home, the place I feel most like me, has its own brewery. Going home means spending a day rafting on the river, going back to the lodge and drinking a pint (or seven) of their wonderful dark porter in front of the roaring fireplace on my favorite learther couches. These are the most comfortable couches I have ever sat on and you may not believe me but if you sat in them you would agree.
So if I love home and have missed home so much, it seems weird that I would only stay for a week before moving to the giant city that is our nations capitol, Washington DC. Maybe it is weird but I’m still excited. Excited for home and a new adventure. And weed cookies because those definitely need to get made.