Its a Big Fish Story


So last night I sold tickets to a man wearing a black tank top with hot pink words that said “YOU DONT PARTY!”, shorts with monopoly money print, and carrying a fish in a plastic bag of water like they give you at the pet store. Now my first question was “where do you find shorts with Monopoly money printed on them and how come they don’t have those little silver pieces too?”

Clearly my priorities are not in order otherwise I would have asked “why is this guy bringing a fish to a baseball game?” I loved it when he had to hand the fish to another person to hold while he got his money out of his pocket. I am not sure what this fish’s name is but it is going to be Henry.

After Henry and Monopoly Man went into the stadium I started to wonder about Henry. Did Monopoly Man just buy Henry and not have time to take him home so he brought him to the game? If so poor Henry now has a sad view of what his life is going to be like. I’m sorry to break it to you but being a fish isn’t all about baseball games and beer. If you are lucky though your tank will be in the living room where you can see the tv and catch a Sox game now and then between the frequent visitors stopping in to pick up cocaine from Monopoly Man.

Or has Henry been with Monopoly Man for awhile now and go everywhere he goes? What could Henry have seen besides a minor league baseball game? Surely by the looks of Monopoly Man he has seen a crack house, McDonalds, and WalMart but where else? Has he gone on a cross country trip? Has he seen the empire state building, the Grand Canyon, and the countries Largest Tea Pot?

And tha was when I realized I was worrying way too much about Henry and his past life when I really should just be happy he is getting to see a game at all. Which was also the time when I realized I truly am ape shit crazy.

this is my rendition of Henry the Traveling Fish. He’s pretty content in his bag, exploring the world thru the haze of plastic.


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