Sometimes Even Losing is Winning


I’ve slacked off a bit and should have written this post a few days ago when I got back from Boston but I suck. So I’m going to write it now.

Tuesdays Red Sox game could have been better. As in they could have won instead of losing to the White Sox 7-10 but it also could have been worse. As in we could have been rained out, pissed off, and having no fun at all. Fortunately it was a blast.

We left Portland around one on the train and arrived to our Hotel in Boston around 4. We instantly popped open two bottles of wine provided by the lush of the group (uh yeah, that would be me,) and got down to business. In an hour and a half we were lit and ready to go.

We got to the game, got into our seats, and the festivities began. Or not so much because we pretty much started losing but that didn’t keep us down. As the beer kept flowing we kept thinking maybe we could get out of this. We got the see a Varitek homerun early, which helped keep things up too. Even if it was 10-1 at a point. Everytime Youk was up we danced and sang “ohh babyyy Youuu(k) youuu(k) got what I neeed! But you say I’m just a friend!”

At one point I did a little disco dance and also sang a lovely rendition of Boston’s More than a Feeling. We also took part in the wave at which point an old lady in front of us asked my friends brother “What is this waving thing these people are doing? Are they trying to distract the other team?” As well as the age old baseball tradition of stretching in the middle of the 7th and singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game and this was all before the 8th when the real shit started going down and it started getting really fun.

Because in the 8th things really heated up. The people in front of us were hammered and making out with each other. I would personally place money on the threesome that was either going to happening at their hotel after or has happened in the past. Also one of these same girls took the long way around to get back to her seat with beer, came three rows up, and then had to crawl over the seats and me to get back to hers. Luckily I was fine with that. Anyway, as we were watching this group get out of control things were happening. We sang a heartfelt rendition of the Fenway classic Sweet Caroline and that’s when shit started to happen. Papi scored a 3 run homer which caused a playing of This is How We Do It as well as me doing and getting the rest of the crowed in our section to do a lovely classic white boy dance with the circular hand and hip movements. And from their we rallied. We wore rally caps (wearing ur hat inside for a good luck rally,) danced, and clapped the backs of people we don’t know and will never know but were connected to in that moment.

In the end it wasn’t enough. We didn’t rally hard enough and we lost but even though a loss sucks and no one likes one we had a wonderful time. We sang, we danced, we got to see a Tek and Papi home run, and we made a connection with 37,000 other people because at select moments we all wanted the same thing, a hit, a run, a steal, a strike, an out, a win. And this community is one I am proud to be a part of because even when we lose being a part of Red Sox Nation still means a win to me.

For the record I’m not usually this corny. I’ll be back on track soon.


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